"Veronica" at The Library Art Space
A collaborative mulit-media work as part of the group show One+2010
Stop-motion animation / video art and puppeteering by Leonie van Eyk
Sculpture and artworks by Aliey Ball
100 Barley Street, Fitzroy North
On till the 18th December 2010

Digital still image of projected artwork as seen installed at The Library Art Space

Net Work: the TLF Exhibition 
Article in The Courier - Ballarat
Curator Amanda van Gils shown here with my sculptures at the Art Gallery of Ballarat

I am very pleased to announce that I will be participating in "Net Work - The TLF Exhibition" in December 2010.

"Net Work: the TLF exhibition" at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. Curated by Amanda van Gils, Net Work is an exhibition of the work of 38 artists connected through their membership of a private online forum for professional contemporary visual artists, "The Littlest Forum" (TLF). Supported by a website (in development) and colour catalogue including an eloquent essay by Robert Hollingworth.

Toyota Indoor / Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition 2010

 featured in this year's Arnold Bloch Leibler group exhibition

Finalist - Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards 2010
Aliey has been selected as Finalist in this year's Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards with the sculpture "Cabal". 
The exhibition will be held at Yering Station 38 Melba Hwy, Yarra Glen 3775 Victoria, Australia
The exhibition will show from Friday 22 October until Sunday 5 December, 2010, inclusively. 

Dandenong Hospital - Public Art Commission (current)
Lighting designer Marc Pascal and artist Aliey Ball have been awarded the public art commission for the new Dandenong Hospital Emergency Department waiting room. They will combine Marc's beautiful "Orchid" lights with a sculptural ceiling landscape. The project also involves mentoring three artists from Arts Access Art Classes (AAAC), who are recovering from mental illness and thus have first-hand experiences of the of the public health system.

The New Venny Floor Project (current)
Commissioned by the City of Melbourne.
Aliey is Co-Creator with resident artist Dannielle Von Der Borch, in collaboration with the community of "The Venny" the Kennsington Community Adventure Playground.
The project involves the creation of a permanent floor artwork, 100 square meters, 1000's of artworks and photographs set into clear resin, documenting the 30 year history of the centre.

Melbourne's Freshwater Hub & Community Portal
(Founder, Designer & Project Manager) has been published on the National PANDORA Archive, by the State Library of Victoria, making it a permanent public record.
The website boasts over 400,000 hits in the past 2yrs, that's 65,000+ visitors.
Crow's Nest @ CERES
For the CERES Kingfisher Festival 2009 Aliey Ball and fellow artists create a "crow's nest", a sculptural children's environment & performance space for Waang and friends.

Contact Exhibition (Curator)

"Wangal" Public Art Commission Installed
Commissioned by the City of Moreland, the sculpture "Wangal" has been installed at Glenroy Post Office Place. 

"Wangal" by Aliey Ball

"Wangal" pays homage to Melbourne's Indigenous Aboriginal Community, in particular the Wurundjeri-willam, the traditional custodians of Glenroy. The artwork also presents a platform to an enriched connection to place, by encouraging one to seek out the local signals of seasonal change.

"Wangal" presents a circular journey through the revolution of a year. Detailed in low sculptural relief, and cast in black concrete, are the astrological indicators of the six seasonal calendar of the Kulin Nation. The names of the seasons are detailed in both Woiworung[1] and English languages, providing a current reference to local Aboriginal time:


High Summer (Buath Gurru): The constellation of Orion sets in the western sky at sunrise.
Late Summer (Biderap): The star Canopus (Lo-An Tuka, The Hunter) is seen due north at sunset.
Early Winter (Iuk): The Southern Cross and Canopus are at equal heights in the southern sky at sunset.
Deep Winter (Waring): The constellation of Sagittarius rises in the southeast after sunset.
Early Spring (Guling): The star Arcturus is seen on the northwest horizon after sunset.
True Spring (Poorneet): Days and nights are of equal length.


Centermost in the dial is the majestic image of Waa, or Waang, the crow - the moiety, or creator spirit of the Wurndjeri-willam - facing due north toward the heart of the country. The word "Wangal" means "you and I"[2] in the Woiworung language and so Waa opens his wings in a gesture of inclusion.


Adjacent to the crow is the traditional signature, or sacred mark, of Billibellary, the Ngurungaeta, or chief, of the Wurundjeri-willam clan. It is taken from the Batman Treaty, signed by him and fellow headmen of the Woiworung clans, in May 1835. Both the Merri and Moonee Ponds Creeks, which flow through Glenroy, have been named as possible sites for the signing of the Batman Treaty.

[1] Source of Woiworung season names: Museum Victoria website "Kulin Seasons":
[2] Barry J. Blake. 1991 Woiworung In: The Aboriginal Language of Melbourne and Other Sketches, ed. R. M. W. Dixon and Barry J. Blake, pp. 31-124, OUP, Handbook of Australian Languages 4.

"Confluence" Wins People's Choice Award
Winner of People's Choice Award, Moreland Sculpture Show 2007 is awarded to "Confluence" by Aliey Ball.

Edgars Creek Narrative Exhibition
Reconciliation Week, Counihan Gallery in Brunswick.

Practice in Process Exhibition

Birrarung Yarra River Mapping @ Malvern Town Hall